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Thread: sql loader Help: "oravsn8.dll" not found!!!

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    hi guys,

    what is the command for invoking the sql loader under windows NT/2000 system?

    when I type "sqlldr /?" in the command prompt, i got the error message "the dynamic link library oravsn8.dll could not be found in the specified path......" so i search my machine for the "oravsn8.dll", but the file doesn't exist.


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    'sqlldr' at the dos prompt should work. If it doesn't check the path and see Oracle_Home/bin is in the path and try.

    Otherwise try search and find the executable for sqlldr and double click it.

    If both of then doesn't work, I guess installation might have not been perfect. You might need to relink your executables.
    Could be a problem with dll, if its Win 2000. Seems its bug as metalink doc says.


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    i copied the oravsn8.dll from another machine and it is working now. It was probably an installation problem.

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