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Thread: help help script ran accidentally

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    Hey gys,
    I accidentally run this script today. Is it going to have any effect on the database apart from log switching?

    I checked from v$instance and it says that the ARCHIVAL is STOPED. Is the below script that caused archival to stop? I don't know either if the db runs in no archive mode or not but I will chek from the ini.ora file to find out. But right now I will be glad if some one can answer this for me.
    Below is the script that I accidentally ran

    set head off
    set pagesize 0
    set linesize 150
    select to_char(sysdate,'MON-DD-YYYY HH24MISS') from dual;
    select * from v$database;
    alter system switch logfile;
    select * from v$datafile;
    select * from v$logfile;
    select * from v$log;
    alter database backup controlfile to trace noresetlogs;
    alter database backup controlfile to
    '/KK1/DDD1/dbname/trace/udump/dbname_ctl.trc' reuse;

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    don't worry; be HAPPY !!!

    you didn't break anything

    you just switched the logfile which is not a problem.
    you took a backup of the controlfile, that too is not a problem.

    - Rajeev

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    OH my God. I can breathe now. Thanks so much I am very very very very very very relived right now.
    Thank "U" very much

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    Thats a kinda dba script to avoid recreation of control file if something happens. All you are doing is
    taking time stamp and details of database with a list of all datafiles,controlfiles,logfiles and a controlfile backed up to trace and to a seperate location at the end.

    If you want to check your database archive mode enabled or not, see below
    <font face=courier>
    SVRMGR> connect internal
    SVRMGR> archive log list
    Database log mode Archive Mode
    Automatic archival Enabled
    Archive destination /ven01/oracle/admin/o817/arch
    Oldest online log sequence 7800
    Next log sequence to archive 7802
    Current log sequence 7802

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