Hey gys,
I accidentally run this script today. Is it going to have any effect on the database apart from log switching?

I checked from v$instance and it says that the ARCHIVAL is STOPED. Is the below script that caused archival to stop? I don't know either if the db runs in no archive mode or not but I will chek from the ini.ora file to find out. But right now I will be glad if some one can answer this for me.
Below is the script that I accidentally ran

set head off
set pagesize 0
set linesize 150
select to_char(sysdate,'MON-DD-YYYY HH24MISS') from dual;
select * from v$database;
alter system switch logfile;
select * from v$datafile;
select * from v$logfile;
select * from v$log;
alter database backup controlfile to trace noresetlogs;
alter database backup controlfile to
'/KK1/DDD1/dbname/trace/udump/dbname_ctl.trc' reuse;