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Thread: Question About Flash_Recovery_Area

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    Question About Flash_Recovery_Area

    Hello All,

    I am a bit new to 11g. In having a look at an already-existing database (one I did not set up), I noticed that the flashback_recovery_area has a definition like this:


    But the actual archived redo logs are being written to:


    Each day the archived redo logs are being written to the appropriate date-labelled subdirectory, but I don't see any cron jobs or scripts which are setting this up.

    So my question is, is this a new feature in 11g, where Oracle creates the subdirectories in the background? I have Googled "flash_recovery_area" but have not found anything specific to these directories...

    We are using GNU/Linux 2.6.18-92.el5 as our OS.

    Thanks in advance,

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    your archive log script might have doing that. Please check the script.

    Vijay Tummala

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    Flash recovery area would be shared by all databases from that oracle home and each database would then write to the location


    if you have many databases like SIDNAME1 SIDNAME2 ...you will have directories like


    its just a logical way of organising things by oracle no ?

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    Yes, I can see that it would make sense for Oracle to set up the SIDNAME/archivelog subdirectories...but, in my original post, it looks like the whole string I typed, did not display. There are date subdirectories being created, one for each day, after the archivelog directory:


    (hope that displays what I am talking about)

    for example:


    and it is these date-named subdirectories that I am really curious about. I don't see any cron jobs which are creating them, so I just thought I'd ask in case someone else has seen this before.

    Thanks for the replies....

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    Could you please connect to the database via sqlplus and post result of..

    archive log list;
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    Sure, here it is:

    SQL> archive log list
    Database log mode Archive Mode
    Automatic archival Enabled
    Archive destination USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST
    Oldest online log sequence 1752
    Next log sequence to archive 1754
    Current log sequence 1754

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    Hi Oraclegirl,

    By looking in to the "archive log list", i can say that archive log mode is enabled to the location USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST with some specified format ( Not listed).

    1) The archive log stuff cannot run on any scheduler.
    2) Whenever the redo logfile is filled, it automatically triggers archive log job (ARC) which will write the archive log file.
    3) Whenever you use 'swtich log file' will trigger ARC.

    I think this info helps you. If you have any query please let me know.


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