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Thread: RMAN problem with Archivelog backup

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    RMAN problem with Archivelog backup


    We have Oracle We are running SAP on it.

    We have RMAN configured for backups. We use RMAN in NOCATALOG mode and use control file.

    The archivelog backup fails with the following error

    BR0541I Starting offline redo log backup using RMAN...
    BR0278E Command output of 'D:\ORA1020\BIN\rman nocatalog':
    Recovery Manager: Release - Production on Wed Feb 24 16:00:08 2010
    Copyright (c) 1982, 2007, Oracle.  All rights reserved.
    RMAN> connect target *
    connected to target database: QUA (DBID=1523552000)
    using target database control file instead of recovery catalog
    RMAN> **end-of-file**
    host command complete
    RMAN> 2> 3> 4> 5> 6> 7>
    allocated channel: sbt_1
    channel sbt_1: sid=243 devtype=SBT_TAPE
    channel sbt_1: VERITAS NetBackup for Oracle - Release 6.0 (2002111220)
    Starting backup at 24-FEB-10
    released channel: sbt_1
    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============
    RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
    RMAN-03002: failure of backup command at 02/24/2010 16:00:11
    RMAN-20242: specification does not match any archive log in the recovery catalog
    Recovery Manager complete.
    BR0284I BRARCHIVE time stamp: 2010-02-24 16.00.12, elapsed time: 0:04
    BR0279E Return code from 'D:\ORA1020\BIN\rman nocatalog': 1
    BR0522E 0 of 405 files/save sets processed by RMAN
    BR0536E RMAN call for database instance QUA failed
    BR0284I BRARCHIVE time stamp: 2010-02-24 16.00.12, elapsed time: 0:00
    BR0543E Offline redo log backup using RMAN failed
    Could you please help?

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    could you post your rman script with your command so we can see what you are doing?
    did you try running a crosscheck archive log all;

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    Feb 2010
    We us SAP tool - BRARCHIVE. This tool has a parameter input file.
    Command - brarchive.exe -u / -p parameter_file -c force -o time

    Some of the parameters are -
    rman_channels = 1
    rman_filesperset = 16

    I can upload the entire parameter file if you want.

    I ran - crosscheck archive log all;
    It lists the 400 odd archivelogs that are present in the archive directory correctly.

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