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Thread: Table Sizing Calculations

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    Table Sizing Calculations

    Hello all,

    What I'm looking for out of my posting is an Oracle URL that will explain in detail what I am unsure on.

    What I am unclear on is when I'm creating a new set of tables (defined from an ERD) under a single schema, how should I decide when creating these individual tables what their specific values like the ones I included below should be, what should be considered when determining these values and what should be used to figure them out:

    create table CUSTOMER
    ( .....
    ) pctfree 20 pctused 60
    ( initial 200k
    next 200k
    maxextents unlimited
    pctincrease 0

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    No silver bullet, this is too broad of a question and the right answer depends on you specific environment.

    Start here go get the basic storage attributes concepts... http://youngcow.net/doc/oracle10g/se...clauses007.htm
    ... then research ASSM and MSMM, finally research physical implementation.

    Are you going to know how to do it right after reading all the above mentioned material? unfortunatelly the anser is NO but, you are going to get a feeling about what are you dealing with.
    Pablo (Paul) Berzukov

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    Are you using dictionary managed tablespace or locally managed tablespace for said schema creation.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Gitesh Trivedi
    Dbametrix Solutions
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