Hello All

I'm facing a tricky problem within my application architecture.
I'm running my 10g database on a linux server.
We have a document repository located on a windows server.
I have the following table:

select * from my_docs;

doc_id / doc_tittle / doc_path
1 / first.doc / E:\Prodmac\felix\tm\6\214986\060\first.doc
2 / second.doc / E:\Prodmac\felix\tm\2\224345\020\second.doc
3 / third.doc / E:\Prodmac\felix\tm\4\436432\070\third.doc

The windows path has the same prefix E:\Prodmac\felix\tm for all documents but a dynamic 3 depth folder part (created by the application) at the end of the path.
From here we are trying to implement oracle text feature over these external documents.

Since the database is on a Linux machine and the doc_path points to an external windows folder, how do I manage to create a CONTEXT INDEX over the doc_path field without the "DRG-11513: unable to open or write to file" error?
The problem is to map from linux the exact windows path that is stored in the table.
Since the path is dynamic generated I cannot even use the the 'path' FILE_DATASTORE attribute to define common folders.
Is there any workaround for this?

create index my_idx on my_docs(doc_path)
indextype is CTXSYS.CONTEXT
parameters ('datastore ctxsys.file_datastore')