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Thread: rman storing in catalog or disk

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    rman storing in catalog or disk

    What advantages would I gain by storing/running my rman scripts in a DB
    as oppsoed to running them from a directory with the cmdfile option.

    Is one better than another,if so can you list some reasons as why I should
    do one as opposed to the other.

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    Cool DB related

    Because rman is specific to Oracle db's, you sould try and avoid scheduling "rogue" scripts on the OS.

    Also if you move the db, the scripts go with it.
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    Who would better manage RMAN scripts other than RMAN itself? You'd be working with two different things, you'd have to keep track of OS patches, upgrades, and their implications, miss any new facilities that Oracle doesn't support for that OS. For more, google. :P

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    The simple advantage of maintaining in catalog is the ease of association. You can create a script to allocate channels, then in your backup scripts, you can just refer them with "execute script allocate_1_tape;"

    On the contrary, if you have different versions of databases, then you could have different types of scripts all named alike doing version specific operations. Then your cron scripts written in generic can call the scripts with the same naming convention and do the backup/restore and etc without any changes to your cron scripts.

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    I am pretty much in favor of rman scripts developed in shell/perl as it has lot of advantages. A master configuration file which stores no. of channels needed, if to use CF or catalog, if catalog then which catalog database, when backups should run and what type of backups, backup destination like disk/tape etc and a dynamic rman script which generate backup command based on master configuration file. It has many advantages like controlling the backups from single point of contact.

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    I have never used scripts stored inside catalog .
    We use cronjobs for this but just one question.

    Do we have facilty like disabling backup. Like for maintainance sometimes we need to un-schedule the backup .In cron we can do it just by commenting the cron. Do we have any such thing if we store scripts in catalog.

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