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Thread: Invalid objects

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    Invalid objects

    i found certain packages in my database with status invalid. I recompiled them n again checked the number of invalid objects. I found that the number has increased now. I again tried to recompile the objects such as packages but upon further checking, their number(invalid objects) kept on increasing. I m not able to understand the dilemma.
    I used dba_objects data dictionary table.
    Command used are:
    --select object_name,object_type,status from dba_objects
    where status='INVALID';
    --alter object_type object_name compile;

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    if you compile something which something else is dependant on, then they will go invalid.

    best bet is to just compile the body - not the spec

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    Try using the $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/admin/utlrp.sql recompile
    script. If I had to guess you are missing some grants.
    You can also use this query to see what grant/objects you might be missing.

    COLUMN missing_object FORMAT A40

    SELECT owner, name, type,
    referenced_owner||'.'||referenced_name missing_object
    FROM dba_dependencies where (owner, name) in
    ( SELECT owner, object_name
    FROM dba_objects
    WHERE status='INVALID' )
    AND referenced_type = 'NON-EXISTENT'
    ORDER BY 1, 2, 4;

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