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Thread: Connect DB in a windows script

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    Connect DB in a windows script

    Hello all,

    I want to connect to oracle with a windows .bat for execute some commands. I create the script like this:

    echo off
    sqlplus "sys as sysdba"

    When I execute the .bat i only obtain the passwd request. The problem is that only execute the first line.

    How can I execute this script? what are the commands that i have to modify?

    Thanks in advanced.

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    You can do so by this way:
    1. create sql file containing whatever commands you want to execute.ex:

    2. create another sql file containing , say con.sql
    "sys/passwd@ as sysdba" @d:\test.sql

    3. create a .bat file as :

    echo off
    sqlplus @con.sql

    Hope this helps

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