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Thread: Picking up the right SID & Serial# for weblogic connections from v$Session

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    Picking up the right SID & Serial# for weblogic connections from v$Session


    I could see 1000 of similar weblogic java connections (same username) connecting to my DB to run the same process .....

    One of those similar processes are performing bad, but it is very difficult to find out exactly which SID and serial# is the culprit?

    Any comments will be highly appreciated.

    see here .... all unif_admin is weblogic connections

    1) Why program,osuser and terminal is showing me NULL? If I can remember I should see java programas and osuser and terminal information in v$session?

    select sid,serial#,username,program,terminal,osuser from v$session where status='ACTIVE';

    1022 49907 UNIF_ADMIN
    1025 2664 UNIF_ADMIN
    1026 43880 UNIF_ADMIN
    1028 13609 UNIF_ADMIN
    1030 25210 UNIF_ADMIN
    1033 63932 UNIF_ADMIN
    1034 46273 UNIF_ADMIN
    1035 27808 UNIF_ADMIN
    1036 43243 UNIF_ADMIN
    1048 29972 UNIF_ADMIN
    1053 54094 UNIF_ADMIN
    1066 17933 UNIF_ADMIN
    1069 16750 UNIF_ADMIN
    1072 8078 UNIF_ADMIN
    1078 58166 UNIF_ADMIN

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    Possible answers:
    1) If multiple app servers are involved then you can narrow them down by host (v$session.machine)
    2) If all connection are coming from the same host and only one is performing badly then the problem is with the app or db objects related to a particular application code branch. If the app is properly instrumented (see dbms_application_info package) then you can enable trace on a specific module/action combination using dbms_monitor package.

    Good luck,

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