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Thread: autoextend on tablespace with multiple datafiles

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    autoextend on tablespace with multiple datafiles

    I have a question related to autoextend
    We have 2 tablespaces that have 2 datafiles each.
    One tablespace contains the data the the other the indexes
    tablespace1 contains the data and has 2 datafiles
    tbsD_01.dbf and tbsD_02.dbf
    tablespace2 contains the index and has 2 datafiles
    tbsX_01.dbf and tbsX_02.dbf
    tbsD_01.dbf has already hit the O/S limit of 32G, so this is why we created a second datafile tbsD_02.dbf
    tbsX_01.dbf is close to hitting the 32G limit, so we also created a second datafile tbsX_02.dbf, before hitting the O/S limit
    We have a hugh batch job that will be running soon and we want to make sure it does not fail because of freespace so this is why we want to enable the autoextend. I was under the impression that the first datafile was not used to store new data after a second datafile gets created for the same tablespace, this is why we were only going to enable autoextend on the second datafile only.
    Are we better to enable autoextend on both datafiles for each tablespaces ?
    Has mentionned tbsD_01.dbf has already reached it's O/S limit so it cannot extend, what we are trying to avoid is that oracle tries to autoextend tbsX_01.dbf and might fail before it might reach it's O/S limitation by then. If this occurs will it automatically switch to the second datafile tbsX_02.dbf and autoextend it ?
    Has mentionned I was under the impression that only the second datafiles were going to be used for new data.

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    is you have reached an OS limit of 32Gb then putting autoextend on would be a bad idea dont you think?

    Just have the datafile you want to autoextend with it turned on

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