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    i wanted to create a tablespace with 32k blocksize.so....

    i tryed to create a tablespace with 32k blocksize in 10g(windows)

    but could not able to create tablespace with 32k blocksize since my database is already configured for 8k blocksize,

    which will be in INIT.ORA file as "db_block_size=8192".

    then i tryed to create new database itself with 32k blocksize, i received this error.

    ORA-00374 : Parameter db_block_size=32768 invalid.

    Must be a multiple of 512 in the range [2048...16384]

    i want to know,is the BLOCK SIZE is platform/OS dependent.?

    if NO then why im i unable to create database with 32k blocksize in windows xp?

    if YES,can u send me how to check the blocksize of OS and which OS supports which blocksizes ?

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