I'm having a lot of trouble backing up Rman on a server that has 10g. The problem is the VIP. In netbackup I have oracle1 in my client list and everything is setup proper in the policy. When my DBAs kick off Rman, it never makes it to the backup server.

I've done extensive research (with and without the vendor's support) and basicaly came to the conclusion (based on bpcd logs) that the oracle1 server is doing Rman on the virtual ip instead of the physical.

So, lets say the physical nic for oracle1 is When Rman is started to comes to the netbackup server as (which is the proper vip). However, I don't have a record of this in netbackup. I have all of the proper DNS entries in place, including reverse lookup information. My question is that supposed to me on the VIP? Should I just change netbackup so that instead of having the physical in the client list, should I have the virtual oracle1-vip (this is the virtual hostname)?

Please help... I've been at his for over a week.