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Thread: Contingency plans for DB move to new hardware

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    Contingency plans for DB move to new hardware

    we are planning to move our datawarehouse db from one hardware to another. can someone suggest the contingency plans to take before moving to new hardware?

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    This is an effort that involves a lot of folks
    -App folks
    -Network folks/firewall
    -Help desk?
    The contingency here is at many levels. As a DBA your role should be to
    -have a clean shutdown.
    -take a backup
    The bulk of the work here would be done by sysadmin/network folks. Oncecomplete they should ask you to bring up your database if they don't it via some oratab entry. then your app folks would tell you if they can connect or not. I'm sure others would add or subtract from this...good luck..
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    Take a backup on the tapes/disks.
    Shutdown the instance.
    If the LUNs are created on the SAN, unmount the FS and remount on the new server.
    Startup the database.

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