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Thread: create a Standby site using hot backup

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    Does anyone knows how to create a standby database using HOT backup? our environemnt does not allow us to shut down the database and all information I found is using cold backup (shutdown primary database, copy all files...).

    thanks in advance


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    I've always created a stdby database using a cold backup, but I can't see any reasons why it couldn't be done with hot backups. However if you are using 8i and want to take advantage of the automated transmiting arch log files to remote site, you'll have to restart your primary database as you'll have to set some init paramaters for that! If you'll be transporting your log files to the stdby server manually or you are using 8.0 or 7.* the procedure of creating the standby database from a hot backup will be something will be something like this:

    1. On your primary database, create a standby controlfile.
    2. Copy this controlfile, init file and datafiles from yor last backup together with all the arch logs since the last backup to the remote site.
    3. Modify your init file if necesary
    4. Mount the standby database
    5. Put the database in a recovery mode and apply all the required redo logs
    6. Leave the database in recovery mode, manualy or by scripts transport all newly generated archlogs to the remote site and apply them to the standby database....

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    I have created Hotstandby # of times. I followed the same steps as cold Stby. It should work fine.

    Go ahead and do it.
    Kishore Kumar

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