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Thread: Designer 2000 - Reverse Engineering

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    Jan 2001
    Hi Guys

    This is technically not a pure DBA question, but I assume most DBA's have at some stage used Designer 2000 for Reverse Engineering.

    I need to know if Designer 6i can Reverse Engineer
    (Capture Database Design) an Oracle Database running on a VAX (OpenVMS Ver 7.1-2), Oracle
    I have successfully reverse engineered databases ver 8i, 7.3.4 on NT.

    I am about to order a copy of Designer 6i.
    Need to make 100% sure I don't need an earlier version of Designer 2000 ?

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    Sep 2000
    I didn't think designer 6i was supported against 7.3.4 - only 8.1.6 at the moment (with 8.1.7 support coming in a patch soon).
    I think you'll need to run designer 6.0 against the 7.3.4 database - at least that's what I had to do.

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    Jan 2001
    Thanks - there does'nt seem to be many Designer2000
    users logging onto this website.

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    (I'm guessing)
    If you can RE an ODBC database, why you can't RE a 7.x?
    Certification in Designer means whether you are allowed to use an Oracle DB as a repository or not, not as a source or deployment DB.
    I hope it helps.
    Ramon Caballero, DBA, rcaballe@yahoo.com

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    Jan 2001
    Let me expand a bit on the problem.
    I have some Oracle Databases (7.3.4) running on Vaxes
    that were developed a good few years back, without the
    use of D2000. A whole bunch of application support staff
    have recently arrived, and need to learn the structure of
    the databases quickly, and easily.

    By reverse engineering the database structure into Designer,
    we can re-create the ERD's (Entity Relation Diagrams) and
    Data Diagrams which are one of the better features of Designer.

    By the way, TerryD, how many tables were in the database
    you reverse engineered ? Has Designer 2000 got over that
    problem they had in 1.3.2 and 2.1.2 - the reverse engineering
    seems to hang if the number of tables is very large ?
    (I reverse engineered a small number of tables - this
    time there will be 100's)

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    I would ask the last version of Designer.
    I repeat, I don't think you will have problem as long as you don't use the 7.3 DB as the repository.
    Ramon Caballero, DBA, rcaballe@yahoo.com

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    Jan 2001
    Okay, that's a bit clearer.
    Except for one problem I did'nt mention before. (oops)
    The site I am on has not upgraded to 8i yet, and the latest
    version they are on is ver 8.0.5. So if I put the repository
    on an 8.0.5 database, do I assume TerryD is correct,
    or can I use 6i ?

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    No, you can't. :)
    I would recommend to install 8.1.6 in a NT machine and have there the repository.
    This is the certification matrix.
    Ramon Caballero, DBA, rcaballe@yahoo.com

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