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Thread: Please help me in D2K to Oracle 10G

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    Lightbulb Please help me in D2K to Oracle 10G

    Hi guys,

    I am using oracle 8i and form 5 with report 3. I want to purchage oracle 10G and iDS becouse i need some reports in excel and want to extract document which is loaded in to our data base.
    Can any budy suggest me that how can I run our old forms and reports with oracle 10G in two tier architecture.ANd which product of Oracle will suit us to run our ERP in two tier architecture.

    Thank you

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    According to metalink, the only d2k release to run against 10g database in c/s mode is developer 6i with a recent patchset (patch 16 at least, iirc), to older d2k this is a NO GO, you CANīT DO IT, and so was my experience, too, my tests resulted in crashes, burnes, and incompatibilities in general using bd 10g against older than 6i d2k releases.
    About the ERP : exactly WHAT IS your ERP, what version , from WHAT provider/maker, in what release ??? IF you say it to us, we can try dig something to you...



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