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Thread: Oracle migration

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    Unhappy Oracle migration

    Hello all,
    I need a little help here. I'm looking for the file where it is described, step by step, how to migrate from Oracle 8.1.5 to Oracle 8.1.6. on Windows environment (NT and 2000Server).

    I have a big problem with a 8.1.5 bug linked with the Wrap number that blocked my DB's (more than 100!!!! :( ). The only solution Metalink and Oracle support gave me is to upgrade the 8.1.5 to any other version. Since the impact of an upgrade on my machines could be huge I want to start upgrading to the 8.1.6 before moving to newer version. Unfortunately I don't seem to find any docs like the one I found to migrate to 8.1.7 "Upgrading from a previous version 8 release to the new oracle8i release". I could download the whole docs from the oracle site, but the file is too big and my internet connection si slow and jumps quite often. So if any of you could tell me where to find the part of the document that I need I would be very grateful.

    The document I'm talking about is at this link, but, as I said, it is too big for me.


    I hope I was clear enough. I tend to get a bit mixed up with my brain :P
    Thank you from now for any help or interest.

    Phelit Leafwise

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    What if you just create a new db and export and dump in the new/higher version?
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    Did Oracle specifically recommend you to move from 8.1.5 to 8.1.6?
    8.1.6 is not even the top of 8i version.
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    ndisang: I could create a new db and start again, but we are talking of more than 100 db's arount one whole country for a total of about 50.000.000 rows and more! It would be WAY too long!!

    PAVB: Oracle said we should move to at least 9i, but the problem is that we have a lot of programs and applications that are linked to these db's so we are trying to update to 8.1.6 first so that we don't have to create new applications, and then test new possibilities.


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