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Thread: How can i build DEMO for SMS.

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    How can i build DEMO for SMS.

    Dear Friends,
    I have to test Oracle AS Wirelss service, from my application i want to send SMS on the mobiles of the employees and student, I have to build a demo on it, How can i build demo, please send me samples, i will be thankfull, It is urgent, Please somebody help me, Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,

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    SMS threw Oracle Database

    Dear Sir,
    I can send you my program, but it won't work with your DB not hardware. The program package links have to be configured to your DataBase. But here are the steps that should get you there.

    Assuming that you already have an Oracle DataBase...

    1st: (hardware) you should have an SMS gateway that is configured to PUSH( send SMSs from a table).

    2nd: design a webpage (html, or any other language), you can also use javascripts...In your code you should name the text boxes and mobile text area to pass the inputed data to them

    3rd: using an SQL editor (ex.Navigator) create a package in your DB and add your html code (it won't be recogdnized till you put your code between htp.p(' and ');

    4th: the variables names that you assigned to your inputed areas are to be used in the insert statment that would insert to the table that the SMS gateway sends from.

    The insert statment would look like this:

    MOBILENUMBER, MESSAGETEXT) values (SMSMESSAGES_COUNTER.NEXTVAL, 148,'autoqatar.com', l_name,'974'||mobile_no, messege_body );

    Basically, you should design a page that would manipulate the mobile_no, and the Messege_body.

    Good luck...

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