Here is some free advice for the recruiters that post on this forum.

1. Tell me where the position is. While this may seem obvious to you, it is not obvious to me. Chinatown to me means NYC, to somebody in SF, it may mean something totally different.

2. Show me the money. Put a range in the ad. I understand employers don't like to show their cards all at once, but if you don't put a range, I'm going to assume you're going to try to underpay me and not even look at the job.

3. Don't Call Us, We'll call you. If you give us a phone number, that is. Give us a way to get back to you.

4. Your ad is your calling card. You are representing not only your company, but my new employer. Please learn how to use the spell checker and write complete sentences.

5. Tell me about the job. Don't just say you are looking for a DBA, tell me what you are looking for in a DBA. If you don't care enough about the position to write something up about it, I don't care enough to apply.