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Thread: help with db_files vrs maxdatafile

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    What is the purpose of the parameter db_files in the init.ora file
    Will there be a problem if I set my db_files=400 (medium)
    and set maxdatfiles in my create database script to 500?
    Please explain

    still learning,

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    DB_FILES specifies the maximum number of database files that can be opened for the database.
    MAXDATAFILES specifies the maximum number of database files that can ever be created for the database.

    DB_FILES should always be less than MAXDATAFILES as definition says.

    So, you can set db_files=400 and maxdatafiles=500 and you are ok.

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    To be precise, the MAXDATAFILES is the maximum number of datafiles that can be recorded in the *current controlfile*. If you find out you have set this limit too low when creating the database you can allways reset it to a higher value by simply recreating the controlfile with the new value for MAXDATAFILE.

    In other words, it is not set for the lifetime of the database (like DB_BLOCK_SIZE is), it is set for the lifetime of the control file.

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