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Thread: need to create a test enironment on the production server

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    Question need to create a test enironment on the production server

    Due to resource limitaions, I need to create a test evironment on the same production server. I know it is horrible, but I have no choice. I think the best route to do this is to create another schema but I am not sure what do about all the public synonyms from production db (seq, tables, procedures. etc..) as well as database links.

    I guess my question how can I do this so that I have exactly the same prod database and when I am finished testing, I can move the test db to prod db ?

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    Creating another schema within the same database is not advisable as you might end up accessing the same tables(via public synonyms),which is not what you want.
    The best thing for you to do is to create a second database/instance on the server.You can then import the relevant scemas or tables into this second database.
    The down side of this is that you might need a bit more resources(memory & disk space) on your server.
    Hope this helps

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    As crimpe says, creating an additional database on the server is the safest option. You can also then "up and down" the database as required without affecting your production environment.

    If you are able to take production offline for a while (out of hours) then you could copy the database files and log files and use them to create the test environment which will be an exact copy at that point in time.

    This is the method I have used several times in the past with success. If you need further help, please let me know.


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