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Thread: dba queations please answer them

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    dba queations please answer them

    What are the backup strategies of ur org?
    1. How you recover when one datafile of system tablespace is corrupted.
    2. How to clone the database.
    3. Tell me About rollforward and rollback.
    4. Which command is used in linux to change the owner of the file.
    5. To see the process which is running, which command you use in linux.
    6. About LMT is 9i concept and DMT is 8i concept.
    7. From where you find which datafiles are corrupted and how do you recover.
    8. How you spread your datafiles in 4 layouts(4 different disks).
    9. Command to resize the datafile.
    10. If you add one datafile by mistaken, how you drop that datafile.
    11. How you connect with the database as a sysdba with out listener.
    12. What is the easiest way to get the execution plain.
    13. Syntax for Expain plain.
    14. About pga_aggregate_target.
    15. What are the diagnostic tools and about statspack(its level)
    Recovery cinerio if data file is lost without a backup how u recover.
    What sort of tuning have u done.
    I took a clod back up at mid night 12.00 the data base is running in archive log mode, I created a new table space at morning 7.00 am the data base crashed at 9.00 am can I reover the data base
    Ans : no
    There is a user schema which is 8GB in size I need to export it to a disc that has 2 GB of free space.

    Q1.What is your database size?
    Q2.What is your RMAN size?
    Q3. What is your sga component size? like db_cache_size, sga_max_size & shared_pool_size
    Q4.How much memory is required to use RMAN, oracle suggest?
    Q5.What will happen if archive log is full?
    Q6.How do u connect your remote database?
    Q7.What is your hard disk size?
    Q8.What are the optimizers available?
    Q9.How do u find the table size?
    Q10.How to u find out how many sessions are connected?
    Q11.Which view helps you to get the instance information?
    Q12.How do u get the datafile is auto extend or not?
    Q13.How do u get the tablespace contents is temporary / permanent?
    Q14.Contents column of dba_tablespace
    Q15.How to get the temporary tablespace temp file information?
    Q16.What is the use of index and its contents?
    Q17.When will we use the temporary segment?
    Q18.Shall we create the temporary segment?
    Q19. What is the use of undotablespace?
    Q20. What is the diff between temporary and permanent tablespace?
    Q21. Shall we move the permanent to temporary tablespace?
    Q22. Today, we have a well tunned query running daily usually will take 10minutes, after 10 days user telling its still running for the past 40 minutes? what is the problem? how to tune the statement?
    Hint: PGA
    Q23. How to increase the db_cache_size? what are the steps to follow?
    Q24. We have a two online redo log file? our database is closed. one redo log file is corrupted? when we start next time, we will get redo log file is corrupted? how to recover?
    Q25. RMAN architecture?
    Q26. What is start scn or stop scn?
    Q27. Where will u get the scn number?
    Q28. What are the types of point in time recovery?
    Q29. I have a yesterday backup, but today time is 1am. I want to put the database around 10am. u should not issue time, scn to recover the database?
    Q30. which parameter is used to specify the size of buffer in exp utility?
    Q31. How to add a datafile to tablespace?
    Q32. What is the difference between cold backup & hot backup?
    Q33. Shall we take a cold backup in rman?
    Q34. What is the difference between rman and hot backup?
    Q35. How to manually defragment the tablespace?
    Q36. What is logical and physical structure of database?
    Q37. What is pga?
    Q38. What is sga?
    Q39. Why the log switch is more, when we do the hot backup?
    Q40. What will happen, when we issue the begin backup?
    Q41. When datafile will synchronize? checkpoint
    Q42. Where checkpoint information to be stored?
    Q43. What is scn?
    Q44. What will happen internally when we are collecting statics?
    Q45. How do u check instance is running or not in unix?
    Q46. How do u check the status of hot backup? and what stage is it?
    Q47. What is the use of awk command?
    Q48. Do u know shell scripting?
    Q49. How to create a dataguard?
    Q50. What are the advantages of dataguard?
    Q51. How to find out the cpu usage?
    Q52. How to find out the rman size in unix?
    Q53. How long ur backup runs?
    Q54. What are the parameters u are using to export?
    Q55. How do u check oracle utility is fine or not?
    Q56. Suppose yesterday, u took a cold backup? today morning u added a tablespace and ur database is running in archive log?
    Q57. Which optimizer is best? how choose based optimizer works?
    Q58. Is it possible to force the select statement to use index.
    Q59. What are the features of oracle 9i?
    Q60. What is undo_suppress parameter?
    Q61. What is ora-01555 error? how can we avoid?

    Performance Tuning Questions:

    When Temporary tablespace is going to be used? Means which types of sort.
    How will you tune the sql query?
    How to create controlfile when all control files are lost?
    What is difference between RMAN & USER MANAGED Backup?
    What is going on while Hot backup is going on?
    How to create user in UNIX?
    What is difference between LOCK & LATCH?
    What is Latch? What types of latch are there in oracle?
    What is shared pool? Database buffer cache? When will you tune shared pool?
    What is UGA? What is it use ? where is it in dedicated server and shared server?
    What is PGA?
    What is Large pool? What is it’s use when it is configured? Which parameter is used to configure it?
    Which utility are u using in
    What is dead locks, primary and stand by database
    *How do u design the Data base.
    *batch updates
    *backup scenarios

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    oh boy,

    you have to do a lot of reading on these questions instead of putting something like this in here. This forum had a lot of gurus but they won't be able to help you to answer these basic questions.

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    spammer huh

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    im guessing just some really lazy moron

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    Quote Originally Posted by davey23uk
    im guessing just some really lazy moron
    But a lazy moron that can read a table of contents and cut and paste. How would someone answer this question in a web forum???? "*How do u design the Data base."

    To paraphrase from a Dilbert cartoon. There is this great book written by a Spanish guy named Manuel!!!

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    Q48. Do u know shell scripting?
    Answer: yes.

    Unless my memory is somehow failing me this is the most stupid posting I've ever seen of a forum.
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    "The Oracle Sponge"

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    Q87: How do you spell "cinerio"?
    "The power of instruction is seldom of much efficacy except in those happy dispositions where it is almost superfluous" - Gibbon, quoted by R.P.Feynman

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    Quote Originally Posted by slimdave
    Answer: yes.

    Unless my memory is somehow failing me this is the most stupid posting I've ever seen of a forum.
    I have to imagine that that honor goes to Mr. Hanky!!!!

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    Unless my memory is somehow failing me this is the most stupid posting I've ever seen of a forum.
    This one isn't any less either.
    Q55. How do u check oracle utility is fine or not?
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    Ahhhh so this is where you got this stuff from Dave!

    You must admit the guy/gal put the questions in the right forum! Gave everyone a good laugh!
    Oracle it's not just a database it's a lifestyle!
    BTW....You need to get a girlfriend who's last name isn't .jpg

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