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Thread: oracle fail safe

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    after installing a DB, and joining the db to the fail safe group, do I need do re-install oracle fail safe

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    Oracle fail safe are done on clusters.
    One install oracle on both nodes on the clusters.Install oracle fail safe on both the nodes.You need to reboot the server after each installation.Pls read the installation manuals.First you have install the oracle,oracle fail safe .

    After that you have to create the database using the oracle fail safe only.You should not create the database as you do normally.

    All you need is only the parameter file only.

    The oracle fail safe will take the job of creating the database,updating the tnsnames.ora ,listerner etc.

    If you have any problems there is a option called verify databases.

    Oracle fail safe will try to run the databases in both the nodes.

    if anything is wrong you will get error message.

    all your datafiles,controlfiles,logfiles should be there in the shared drives of both the nodes.

    It is always good to start and shutdown your database with oracle fail safe .

    keep a copy of tnsnames.ora and listerner.ora in a seperate floppy and have it in the disk also an additional copy.


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    > After that you have to create the database using the oracle fail safe only.You should not create the > database as you do normally.

    I'm not sure what you mean by that. Of course you can create the database manualy and add it to the Failsafe group. And of course you can add your existing database to the Failsafe.

    Failsafe manager only gives you the oportunity to use a precreated database, but this is mainly ment for testing purposes, as you can't change db block size or character set of this testing database.

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    The reason is again while adding the database to your fail safe group it has to check each and every resoureces of the particular database with the two nodes.

    For that it is better to create the database with oracle fail safe itself.only thing you have to do is create the initfile.

    rest everything it will take care which is quite easy and less complicated.

    Here again the problem is it will rename the old tnsnames.ora to tnsnames.ora.001 or something like that.

    Again you can start and shutdown as you do normally.

    But it is a good practice to start and shutdown only through oracle fail safe.

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