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Thread: When did I add that column?

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    I am trying to determine when I added a few column to some tables. I know the columns but not when I added them...

    Is there a way to easily determine the date the column was added? I don't see anything in DBA_TAB_COLUMNS.

    I do do daily exports, I hope not to have to compare the dmp files.

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    may be you could check last_ddl in dba_objects, just an suggestion

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    i think i got my own answer, but for anyone's interest...

    I uncompress my daily .dmp... I did the following (Unix only)

    strings day_15.dmp | grep "CREATE TABLE" > 15.txt
    strings day_22.dmp | grep "CREATE TABLE" > 22.txt

    diff 15.txt 22.txt

    that's it... I then see what was different.

    good luck.

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