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Thread: Setting up Oracle Schema for ODBC

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    I would like to use the ODBC driver for Oracle (to test a C++ programme) however I have only installed O8i.
    What are the steps I need to go through in order to create a connect with a service name (is this the SID?) User name and the password. I have tried the defaults and I have tried the Configuration Assistant. I was not confident enough to edit the tnsnames.ora file ( I realize their should be one for the machine and one for each user).

    So do I have to just make a TNSNAmes.ora file for an ODBC connection? What does all the info in the Oracle ODBC Driver really mean?. I am running the database (server) and the client on the same machine. Please help me get started.

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    use net8 assistant/net8 config assistant will walk you thru service name setup. You don't need to have 2 tnsnames if your client/server is on single machine.

    you can test your connection as part of service name set up if your database is up and running.

    you need to have Pro*C option to test c++ program. Oracle 8i version has that option in programmer options installation. Its not part of server setup in unix. not sure about NT. You have demo programs to test your Pro*C options. Go thru the documentation it will walk you thru...

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