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Thread: control files

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    I am not a DBA and i'm learning how to be one that whats my boss wants me to. This is my question: we have all control files on one drive. We would like to have each of them on different drive. How can i do it? Oracle ver 7.14 and os is unix. I really do not know much about Unix commands. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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    I can really simpathize with you :-) ... because first of all controlfiles is the main thing in the database. When oracle starts up, it goes through three stages:
    nomount (oracle reads and verified controlfiles), mount (reads and verified datafiles and you can read V$views), open, when users can connect...
    If you do not know that, I strongly suggest you do some reading... Oracle Concepts and Administrators Guide would be the first books. Please understand correctly, but you can not just move controlfiles to different drives, you can mirror controlfiles...
    You can also recreate controlfiles and before you do that, you need to edit initSID.ora and indicate different operating system path for controlfiles...
    Doc ID: 1012929.6 from Metalink will tell you how to recreate controlfile....
    Alla S. Pfauntsch
    Oracle DBA
    "Life is what happens while you are planning something else".

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    Look into upgrading to 7.3.4 at the *very* least, too. I know you have a lot on your plate, but your version of oracle is very old, if it's 7.1.4

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    not to discourage you. What apfaunts says is true. Read Oracle documentation and come back here and post your Qs.
    Its lot easier to digest what people talk about here. Go to [url]http://www.ugu.com[/url] and find some basic stuff on unix too.

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    Moving control files is an easy thing to do:
    1. look in your init.ora file for the control_files parameter. All control files should be listed there.
    2. Shutdown the database
    3. copy each file to its new location (cp /u01/control01.ctl /u02/control01.dbf)
    4. compare the control files to make sure they were not corrupted by the copy (diff /u01/control01.dbf /u02/control01.dbf)
    5. edit the init.ora file to tell the database where to find the control files
    6. start the database

    Note: The control file contains vital information about the state of the database. I like to have three copies of the control file; each on a seperate disk/controller pair.
    Jeff Hunter

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    Wink control files

    Thanks very much for your helps and advices. marist89's solution is the one i looked for. Thanks very much marist89.

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