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Thread: Schema level import using full database export

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    Schema level import using full database export

    Is it possible to do schema level import using full database export,If so,if i set the


    Will it allow me to import only USER1 schema objects successfully?

    Please advise needed on this,because when i tried to do schema level import by setting fromuser & touser like above,it started
    to do full import.

    So,tell me how can i successfully to do a schema level import using full database export


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    For parameter fromuser, you must specify owner of the source schema.
    Such as you have a full export file:full.dmp, source schema is owner by user1 and destination schema is user2.

    imp system/manager file=full.dmp fromuser=user1 touser=user2

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    If you set the fromuser and the touser like you said how could it possibly start a full export if you didn't set the variable full=y ?

    why don't you just use the owner variable instead?

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