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Thread: Profiles and PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME

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    Profiles and PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME

    Hi everyone,

    I create a profile with the value 4 for "FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS" and the value "5/1440" for "PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME".
    Then assign that profile to the user scott.

    I attempt to login 4 times with a wrong password and after that oracle locks the login for 5 miniutes. (Obviously)

    After 5 miniutes, the account is unlocked but it's status is "Expired (Grace)".

    I don't get it. I thought Grace period is the one that starts with the first login attempt after password expiration.

    Any Idea.

    Thanks in advance
    Amir Gheibi

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    so whats the problem? you still need to login with the correct password

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    The problem is that I have to change the password, like when the password is expired.

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