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Thread: SQLLDR Problem when direct = true

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    Mar 2006
    Thanks dave. Yup sure i ll try and if that works fine, inform you...
    Thanks again.

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    Mar 2006
    Hello Again..

    Really thanks from my heart for your support. I was really working with MS SQL and for an analysis, i was switched to Oracle.

    My Work was really made simpler by u guys help and support.

    The Direct Path Method worked absolutely fine

    Here are my final conclusion that would be the summary of this thread.

    To Use the Direct Path Method, following things are to be done:

    -Run the catldr.sql script in the server(i suppose it to be in sys)
    -Then the oracle client and the server of same version,so that the
    sqlldr in both the server and client are of same version again.
    -Then the reamaining things are creation of the control file and
    specifying the Data File.
    -Can improve the performance using options unrecoverable and also
    parallel process

    Note that, in the conventional method of data transfer, the speed can be improved. Some of the options are

    -Remove all constraints and indexes on the table.
    -increase rows to commit and bind array size.
    Some other options are also available.

    This may be reviewed by some of the seniors in this forum and taken as the conclusion for this thread.

    Again, thanks a lot. Also waiting for another thread to start with based on my analysis...


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