I am using the Vfp 5.0 for my application and using the sqlldr to load the records as bulk to the db tables.
Inputs from the notepad are correctly fetched and stored my my db table(tempcontract).

But when i use the Direct = true option, then the details are not stored.

SQL*Loader-951: Error calling once/load initialization

I studied from net that when the "Direct = True" option is used then the insertion into the db table would be faster. so i tried. but when i don provide that option, then the details are exactly loaded into my db table.

Can anyone help me in pointing out the problem.

sample :

+'LOG = '+TEMPDIR+'S2K.LOG USERID ='+lcUserName+'/'+lcPassWord +'@'+;
lcDatasource + ' ROWS=1000 Direct = True '

Thanks in advance.