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Thread: start|stop multiple oracle database in the same oracle server

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    start|stop multiple oracle database in the same oracle server

    how can i start|stop multiple oracle databases in the same oracle server in RHEL4.
    i tried the following method to do what i want but it fails with TNS SERVER NAME ERROR! and when i connect to these database via sqlplus i get connected to an idle instance.

    -----------------PROCEDURE I FOLLOWED--------------
    1. export ORACLE_SID=dbfirst
    2. dbstart
    3. lsnrctl start

    4. export ORACLE_SID=dbsecond
    5. dbstart

    6. export ORACLE_SID=dbthird
    7. dbstart


    right now i first connect to the idle instance in each database via sqlplus then manually start each of them using `startup` command.

    I have googled this topic many times and everybody suggests using the ORACLE_SID changes and doing dbstart but this is not working for me.
    what am i missing? is there any other way i can start|stop these three databases simultaneously and automatically? automatically is important because i need to start|stop all three databases automatically at system startup|shutdown.


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    set up /etc/oratab and run dbshut / dbstart

    but your method should work

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    okie i got to the /etc/oratab.
    1 #
    3 # This file is used by ORACLE utilities. It is created by root.sh
    4 # and updated by the Database Configuration Assistant when creating
    5 # a database.
    7 # A colon, ':', is used as the field terminator. A new line terminates
    8 # the entry. Lines beginning with a pound sign, '#', are comments.
    9 #
    10 # Entries are of the form:
    12 #
    13 # The first and second fields are the system identifier and home
    14 # directory of the database respectively. The third filed indicates
    15 # to the dbstart utility that the database should , "Y", or should not,
    16 # "N", be brought up at system boot time.
    17 #
    18 # Multiple entries with the same $ORACLE_SID are not allowed.
    19 #
    20 #
    21 *:/oracle/product/9.2.0:Y
    22 #dbfirst:/oracle/product/9.2.0:Y
    23 #backup:/oracle/product/9.2.0:Y
    24 #dbsecond:/oracle/product/9.2.0:N
    25 #dbthird:/oracle/product/9.2.0:N
    from what i have understood if i comment line number's 22,24,25 and replace 'N' with a 'Y' in 24,25 then all three databases (dbfirst,dbsecond and dbthird) would startup at system startup. am i correct?
    if its true then cannot i do a similar thing for shutting down all three databases at system shutdown? i mean if dbstart starts up all three db's at system startup (if i use the above procedure) then dbshut should also give a similar response.
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    yes, dbstart and dbshut will open and close the databases with a Y next to them

    BUT you have to call dbstart and dbshut in your startup scripts

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    If all else fails, you can always try reading the documentation.


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