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Thread: Move Database from Windows to Solaris

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    Question Move Database from Windows to Solaris

    We have a fairly large medical records database (Physical size 250gb) currently residing on a Windows 2000 server and will be moving off Windows to a new Solaris server. Oracle is currently at version and we plan to move to the current patch level as soon as the vender gives us the word and before the move.

    We are looking for suggestions to make this migration since this is a high profile system and we have been told by the vender the move from Windows to Unix will take quite a long time.

    Currently the only known solution is to export--binary copy--import. We would like to know if we can make the new server a standby server, restore a backup copy of the database, then mount the database and apply archive logs from the Windows server to bring the new Solaris server up to current.

    If this will not work, does anyone have and ideas or suggestions that would help us with this move. Thank You.
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    no you cant do the backup method

    exp / imp
    sqlplus copy
    ctas over dblinks

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    This thread gives you lots of input:

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