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Thread: TopLink JPA outside EJB3 Container in TomCat 5.5

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    TopLink JPA outside EJB3 Container in TomCat 5.5

    Web Application described bellow uses JSF for presentation layer,methods for data management are encapsulated into JSF Managed Beans and utilize JPA invokes Entity Manager. Persistence layer is done with entity beans (Toplink Essentials). Basic explanation how to create entity beans for database tables (persistence layer) may be found in [1],[2],[3].
    Main screen displays Dept table from scott’s schema. For each department "Employee" button displays records of all employees for selected department on the next page. Every employee record may be edited (including java.sql.Date type field "hiredate") or removed from scott.emp table.Button "Create new employee" inserts a new employee record for department been selected on the starting page . Button "Back to Departments" forwards back to starting page.

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