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Thread: manual database creation

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    manual database creation


    OS = Windows XP PRO

    Fisrst Question: Is the instance of a database the same as a Windowsservice?(in Windows)

    I have installed the Oracle9i Software with the testdatabase. I have given all the name Oracle9i

    After that I created a new database manually(shutdown 9i, startup nomount, create database demodb ...) with the name demodb.

    The Problem is that i can use only one database at the same time. I have first to shut down the one database to use(startup) the other one. They run both on the same instance_name Oracle9i.

    I have created a new Windosservice with pfile of the new database named demodb. But this service has no function. It doesn't matter if this is started or not.

    How can I get both databases run at the same time?
    I think i have to change the instance_name of the demodb. IS that right? How can I do this

    Thanks a lot for your help

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    what steps u have taken to create a database manually.
    plz check, have u gone through these steps:
    1. set oracle_sid=test
    2. create oracle database service
    oradim -new -sid test
    3. create passwordfile if required (use Orapwd)
    4. connect and startup nomount (for this create a pfile at default location and create Bdump,cdump,udump folders as mentioned in pfile)
    5. execute create database script.
    6. ececute catalog and catproc scripts.
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