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Thread: It is urgent canu help me? ORA-20003 what is this means ???

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    When I amExecuting Stored Procedure It is Throwing Error Ora-20003. I tried in oracle help file but I was not able to find it there. if anybody knows Please let me know as soon as possible.

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    Messages between ORA-2000 and 20900 this a developer control.
    Find in procedure clause "EXCEPTION".

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    Hi marcio.68

    This is what the generic online documentation says:
    The name of the procedure being described. The syntax for this parameter follows the rules used for
    identifiers in SQL. The name can be a synonym. This parameter is required and may not be null. The
    total length of the name cannot exceed 197 bytes. An incorrectly specified OBJECT_NAME can
    result in one of the following exceptions:

    ORA-20000 - A package was specified. You can only specify a stored procedure, stored function,
    packaged procedure, or packaged function.

    ORA-20001 - The procedure or function that you specified does not exist within the given package.

    ORA-20002 - The object that you specified is a remote object. This procedure cannot currently
    describe remote objects.

    ORA-20003 - The object that you specified is invalid and cannot be described.

    ORA-20004 - The object was specified with a syntax error.

    1. Make sure you have execute privileges on procedure which you are calling. 2. Check whether it
    exists or not 3. Check spelling or name of procedure and the way paprameters are passed.


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