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Thread: Erro Ora-12500 with Oracle 8.1.7

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    Question Erro Ora-12500 with Oracle 8.1.7

    I have a Oracle Server with more than 1000 users. After one or two days on Production, the application get the error :

    Ora-12500 TNS:listener failed to start a dedicated server process

    I am using Oracle 8.1.7 and Windows 2003.

    First question:
    Oracle 8.1.7 work fine with Windows 2003? Have any problem?
    Second question:
    Have any solution that a can try?

    Thiago Campos Pereira

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    The ORA-12500 error can be caused by:

    - The failure of starting up a dedicated server process.
    - The OS environment not being set up incorrectly.
    - Linking and permissions problems
    - Lack of resources

    Please refer to the appropriate solution in this document.

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    Your running out of resources on the OS, you need to either free up some memory or put some more in the box.
    You can reduce the size of the SGA (releasing some memory for new users) or alter the oracle stack size so the user sessions require less space. If you put more memory in the box you have to be aware of the limitations on a 32bit windows box.

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