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Thread: connecting to remote database through firewall

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    I will be thankful if anybody could help me out.

    we have both oracle 8 and 8i versions of databases.
    oracle 8.0 version is in sun platform.
    oracle 8i is in windows NT platform.
    Oracle 8.0 version databases are to be connected through firewall.
    Previously i have to connect to only one database through firewall and i happen to give the ip address of the firewall machine which automatically finds my database when i configure through net8 assitant in my NT machine.
    But now i have the second database in different host which has to be connected through the firewall and i am not able to connect to it from my NT machine.

    I am able to connect to different databases from the sun machines.
    But i have problem configuring from nt machines.

    Is there any specific way i have to configure my system if i have to connect through firewall.
    I have little knowledge about connection manager. Does it helps me in anyway. If yes let me know in detail how it could help me and how could i congifure it.

    I hope i have explained in such way that you could understand whats the exact problem that i am facing. If not please let me know .

    thanks a lot

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    Well the point of a firewall is so connections can't get through. Before any Oracle configuration you have to make sure that there's a way for your machines to talk to each other. If that means going through a proxy or poking a hole in the firewall or whatever, if they can't somehow get through the firewall they'll never be able to talk :)

    Once that's settled you can try to configure the databases. If it's just a hole in the firewall for the port the listeners use that would be easiest, if you have to go through a proxy you might have to set up port forwarding or something.

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    Who setup the firewall for your company? Why don't you ask your sys admin? He should handle this. It is beyond the dba's job. Of course, it does not hurt to know.

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    Check notes #62528.1 and #1030314.6 on Metalink for Connection Manager. It explains it's use, setup and configuration. Connection Manager is available only on Enterprise Edition. You can custom install this on the client side.

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