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Thread: Index rebuild - Direct-path

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    Index rebuild - Direct-path


    I am planning to rebuild few indexes in our production system.


    >alter index "ZXML_IAM_EMAIL~0" rebuild online parallel 8 nologging compute statistics;

    Also I heard that we can use the Direct-path operations (no rollback/undo generated) to rebuild an index.

    How can I use the Direct-path option in the above Index rebuild sql statement?


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    There is much to be read about the need or otherwise to rebuild indexes - infact at the moment it's hard to avoid it! My interpretation of what I read is that it is rarely necessary/useful. (And can wreck your indexes - been there, done that, very colourful T-shirt). So you'd better know what you're doing and why.

    The nologging is the "best" you can do in an index rebuild.

    slim & Tamil helped me to understand this:

    and specifically from the doc for alter index:
    Use the logging_clause to specify whether subsequent Direct Loader (SQL*Loader) and direct-path INSERT operations against a nonpartitioned index, a range or hash index partition, or all partitions or subpartitions of a composite-partitioned index will be logged (LOGGING) or not logged (NOLOGGING) in the redo log file.
    P.S. AFAIK direct-path, direct load refer to operations on the table, not the index.
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