I was wondering if I can get people to have a civilized discusion on this article, how silly of me. But let's try anyway. Has anyone looked at the TPC white papers in detail? What do you think of the original article or the supporting links?

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Take your "indexes love big blocks" paper. http://www.dba-oracle.com/oracle_tip...rge_blocks.htm No caveats, nothing (in an article titled "RULES for setting large blocksizes"). The evidence you point to? a count(*) from a FAST FULL SCAN and you say "that shows indexes like it, for RANGE SCANS", huh. that is trivial to prove "wrong", "not accurate", "not true". (you can try it yourself Mike, in sqlplus, you can prove to yourself that for an index range scan, a block size of INFINITY won't reduce the number of table access by index rowid's, and when range scanning, what contributes the preponderance of the LIO's??)

In a singler user environment.


Is that a performance proof? Nope, that is just showing how this thing called Oracle actually works

That article boils down to

o indexes love them
o temp digs it
o tpc-c does it, so it must be good

(in fact, that is all that article says). That is the kind of 1/2 truth, misinformation that I'll aggresively respond to with "careful there, be very very careful. sounds all good, but careful with that axe eugene"


sign me,

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