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Thread: Dump Area Used (%)

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    Dump Area Used (%)

    Oracle 10g
    Solaris 9

    Space Usage section OEM database controll shows the percentage of dump area used. I know dump Area Used (%) is an alert threshold that
    can be edited through the Manage Metrics page, but how can I delete all the trace
    through OEM. Also Can I stop this from collecting?

    Many thanks.

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    you can probbaly set up a job to do it. Or log onto the server and do 'rm'

    Or find out why the trace files are being generated and fix the problem as a production database shouldnt be generating any

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    Thanks. We are in process of implementing . So we are still learning.

    I think trace file is generated because we turned on some of the metric collection. After stopping collection, it is not generating anymore. I manually delete those. But on the OEM its still showing higher %. Needs know how can I delete those so that it reflect on the OEM database control?

    Many thanks!

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