Hi Friends,

I read here just few days ago an Oracle ads on this forum, it says
it give a low low price of US$149 per user which is lower than
SQLserver it claimed. Does it mean i can buy a 1 user license?
You know im dreaming to be a apps developer. Coz there are lots of
small business opportunities here. Like inventory system for a small
store. it just need 1 user and 1 pc. I have a friend who developed a
billing apps and he get monhtly retainers fee aside from the initial
cost of the apps. The good thing is, u just develop once apps and
u can sell it to different clients. I planned to used HTML DB in
developing a small business apps, is it possible? I'm still reading
about it. It says even non-programmers can easily learn HTMLDB.
How about u DBAs here, what are ur other sources of income or sidelines? Do you develop small business apps too? Can u tell me
the disadvantages in selling an apps?
Maybe u have a running apps that we can share and sell it here