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Thread: secondary archivnig destination failure

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    secondary archivnig destination failure

    an oracle 8.1.7 STANDARD EDITIONinstalled on Hp true64,and in the configuration of the archive log files YOU HAVE:
    log destination =....localy
    log destiantion full duplex =.... anothor server(running as Standby).

    what we have to do if the second server(standby) has failed for some reasons, and the redo log buffer (usually 3) are full, and you feel that your database is locked, and the application that ran on it will never process regularly.
    can we modify the init.ora file and tell the database in somehow to apply the transaction not yet written into 2 diffrents locations and to be written only localy?
    thanks in Advance
    Oracle,Unix Administrator

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    Make sure that your log_archive_min_suceed_dest=1 (not 2). If it's already set to 1 and you're experiencing hangs on the primary; try using the log_archive_dest_n with an "OPTIONAL" parameter. Also, you can set the log_archive_dest_state_n to enable / disable.

    Oops..just noticed the "standard edition" bit. Sorry, am not sure if the above applies to Std editions.

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    log_archive_min_suceed_dest is 1, also in this edition you can't use log_archive_dest_n (u can use this option in the enterprise edition).
    let's say incase of such pbm, if i kill the oracle processs or i could shutown the database, if i modify the init file and startup again the database, does it write the unsaved transactions?
    10X in advance.
    Oracle,Unix Administrator

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