Ok, this is an unsupported setup but it has been working for the past 12 months.

9.2.0 OEM
817 agent
734 database on windows 2000

I have a chunk small event set up, which when it detects 3 or less extents in a tablespace on the target database it fires a fixit job to resize the tablespace as necessary.

This morning the event fired correctly, but the fixit job was in a state of 'fixing'. Logging onto the box with the agent/target database, there is an message box:

"dbsnmpj.exe unable to locate dll."

The dll it complains about is oranmi.dll, but it says it can't find it in the $ORACLE_HOME/bin(agent home that is), but its there.

Bounced the server just in case (its windows after all) but no joy. I can't raise a tar as its an unsupported configuration. Any ideas people?