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Thread: How to create audit reports

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    How to create audit reports

    Hi everyone,

    We have setup audit_trail to OS. Is there a method to convert all those files into one report.

    Appreciate your help


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    You would probably need to script it yourself.

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    Re: How to create audit reports

    Originally posted by Nugpot
    We have setup audit_trail to OS. Is there a method to convert all those files into one report.
    What you just have done is just about 1 percent of the total effort requirements to what you asked.

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    To clear the concept of non statutory audit, it's important to understand what Statutory Audit exactly entails. It mainly includes an audit and investigation to verify the financial statements of one business so that externals and any third party interested to do business with them can have a proof of their financial standing to confirm the records. It is a required report by many governmental bodies, as to have clarity of the business positions of a firm.

    Now understanding non-statutory audit based on this above explanation of statutory audit, non-statutory audit is done for the companyís own benefit, to assess and analyze their financial position and to find further avenues that might help them in improving their processes. This is to say that thereís no government mandated necessity, or regulatory authorities making it compulsory for a firm to have a public audit done by Quantum Auditing Team to fact check and hold their own financial records accountable so that thereís something to hold the companies in check.

    There are very many different types of audit out there, many made compulsory by the regulatory bodies and others like non-statutory audits that are done for the firmís own benefit on its own decision to improve functions. All different types can be categorized within Internal audit, External audit or audit mandated by a law enforcement regulatory body. What are different types of auditing is a question not asked randomly because auditing is not an entirely public function or even as out in the open as other functions of a business such as marketing or human resources per say.

    Externals audits mostly are made public or are available for people that might be interested in either investing or lending to a company, done by certified firms specializing in auditing. The audit done for the financial statements of the company helps an interested investor or possible collaborator for the company to have something to have as evidence for the internal controls as well as financials of the company in question.

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