Hi all,

i've got 2 separate linux boxes. On "ric-test", i have set up OEM and managed to discover the 3 databases that are on it, but when i go to discover the remote node - "DBMON" - the discovery process fails at about 55% with the error:

"Discovery Failed: VNI-4009: Cannot contact agent on the node....."

The agents on both boxes are up and running and i can tnsping ric-test from DBMON and vice versa (using both the hostname and the IP).

For some reason i don't have an oms.log.0 anywhere to look at for errors/info.

I've looked on Metalink but none of the threads on there seem to be useful and neither is google.

if anyone has any ideas they would be gratefully received.



PS this isn't really urgent - it's just at the "playing-with" stage at the moment.