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Thread: oracle sga swapping /paging

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    Jun 2004

    oracle sga swapping /paging

    Our solaris server has physical memory of 4GB and swap space of 5GB.
    When i started db with SGA of 900 MB .

    From the top command ,
    physical memory 4GB , free 3.1 GB and swap space in use around 3.1 Gb
    as well.

    It this called oracle sga swaping / paging happen ?

    thank you

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    You need to learn solaris.
    top in solaris report something confusing.

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    Jun 2004
    hi chao ping i know u good at solaris.
    can you help me on this.

    why the proc/w column in vmstat always staying value of non zero,
    any reason why these processes swap out to disk ? I have 4GB physical memory...i think is enough for my application.
    How to reset it to zero besides reboot the server?
    It is happen because of SGA setting or share memory/processes setting in /etc/system ?

    Please help.

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