A question for the "regulars" :
What motivates you to answer questions on this particular site, as against say the Oracle technical forums (metalink)? The quality of questions posed there are generally a tad better. Not as often do you see a "I can't read the manual" or "I don't want to read" or "I can't google/technet" type of questions.

Again, I'm not a regular there, nor am I an Oracle employee. I was on it today, and happened to notice some decent stuff - that's all.

Don't get me wrong - I've both benefitted from and contributed a little here. Obviously, it is a good thing that folks are willing to help out, no matter how mundane the question (or response). I'm just wondering about the motivation of folks with over a 1000 posts. What motivates you to answer questions like "fix my tnsnames.ora" "how do I perform a hot backup" etc? Quite remarkably, Tom still gets some of those on his site too!

Okay, back to work now..