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Thread: Large Table

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    Due to the space constraint on our Database server, we decided to move the old data i.e more than 1 yr from the production table to the similar table under different non-production table space. This table has more than 200 million records(450 GB index space, 330 GB data table space).
    My problem is …
    · How the space can be released from index table space and data table
    space after deleting the records
    · I can’t imagine to use coalesce due to the size of database
    · Any faster way of moving the records from one table to another
    Please advise,

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    Well, to free up the index tablespace, create a new TBSP, re-build the indexes into this new TBSP, then drop the old one. This way you can re-size the new one accordingly and drop the old, bigger tbsp.

    I'm not sure about the data tbsp, you may have to create a new one, do an exp/imp, and drop the old one.
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    What's your version? 9i+ gives you data segment compression, which would help you, i think.
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    Thanks for the insight!!

    My main goal is to recoup the space from deleting the records.

    1)Copy the records older than 1 yr from the active production tablespace to non-production tablespace
    2) Delete the same records from the production tablespace once records are successfully copied.
    3) Looking for the fastest method to copy and delete the records
    4) Also want to recoup the space by deleting the records

    Please let me know, if you have any thoughts!!

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    Use the 'alter table move;' without specifiying the tablespace name. This will reclaim the space and reset the HWM. Similar thing you can follow for the index also. Only thing in index will be the 'move' will invalidate the indexes and so after the move, you need to rebuild them.


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    Originally posted by nagkaraka
    3) Looking for the fastest method to copy and delete the records
    Well COPY command with appropriate array size will be good ( ofcoure with copy commit set )..

    and for delete, if you need to delete more than 60% of rows then better retain the records in temp table..truncate main table and insert back.. (PS by truncate you will claim back the unused space that will be left if you used delete)


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    If you're on 10g, this might interest you.


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